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About us

Our activity is based on traditions and modern approach

We established the company named INTER ES-2000 in 2000 in the Silistra village of Sitovo with a focus on the purchase of raw milk (cow, sheep and goat), as well as processing and production of first-class dairy products. Our development continued with the improvement of our technical facilities and the introduction of innovative high-tech facilities for the production of natural dairy products. We have established ourselves on the market with a variety of real products, such as yellow cheese, brined cheese, cottage cheese, fresh milk, cream, ayran, processed cheese and yogurt.

At Sitovo Dairy we know that the achievement of first-class dairy products in our production depends on the huge advantage we have: our highly qualified employees. Masters of cheese, yellow cheese, milk, livestock breeders and veterinarians with extensive experience, agronomists and engineers - all work in synchrony to achieve the desired result, namely high-quality and healthy Bulgarian dairy products. For every family table directly from our cow farm!


The products are offered in various packages and cuts in order to satisfy the most demanding tastes of traders and end customers. Sitovo Dairy Farm has its own cow farm built and meeting all the requirements of the European Union.

The dairy products of Sitovo Dairy Farm are distinguished with their traditional, authentic Bulgarian taste and excellent quality, which makes INTER ES-2000 EOOD a desired and established partner on the domestic and foreign markets. The company applies modern, up-to-date systems for control of the production process and quality management of all products.

The company maintains HALAL and IFS ver. 6 international certificates for quality and food safety.

Our policy is:

  • Increasing the product range of dairy products, meeting the highest requirements of consumers in the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Maintaining impeccable quality of products according to the recommendations of the European Union for the production of healthy foods.
  • Improving the technologies for the production of dairy products in line with modern world trends in order to improve the quality and control of milk production.
  • Care for staff by improving the working environment, as well as care for the environment.

Our mission

Our goal is to be the most beloved brand for dairy products, as well as the most trusted leading company in the sector.

To offer natural and delicious dairy products that increase the quality of life and good health of people.

Our motto is "From our cow farm to your table" and we never compromise on the quality of our products.


Our values

Respect: we respect people, society, nature and try to contribute to their care.

Responsibility: our business approach is responsible, fair and transparent.

Passion: our passion is the production of the highest quality dairy products. For you.

We are always looking for the best quality, so we invest in continuous improvement of our production. No compromises.

Sitovo Sitovo


From our cow farm to your table

This slogan best describes our business model. Awareness of the concept of quality is an inevitable condition for our success. That is why we produce everything we need to achieve the quality we offer to our customers. From the food of our cows to the necessary electricity, with a thought for nature - dairy "Sitovo" has integrated modern methods in all stages of its production process.

Satisfaction and health of our customers are a top priority

Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of the products we offer, which is why we invest in new technologies, production methods and improvement at every step of the process. In this way we can meet the high requirements of our customers.

Food Safety

Our policy imposes uncompromising control over quality and the production process and ensures that products that meet certain and measurable quality criteria, that have no physical, chemical or microbiological contamination and that will not endanger human health, are produced and presented to the customer.

With a thought for nature

Sitovo Dairy is one of the first and largest producers in the dairy sector, which produces energy from biomass for the needs of its activity. In this way we reduce harmful emissions by using manure or our cow farm.

We have a business model that contributes not only to the environmental, but also to the economic and social aspects of sustainability. Our integrated facilities, implemented with this model in the dairy "Sitovo", have a significant contribution to the development of the region with the economic and social impacts they have created. The dairy provides employment and training to over 250 dedicated employees.


Agriculture and animal husbandry

  • Own cow farm
  • Feed production
  • Veterinary care and control

Production of dairy products

  • Cheese
  • Yellow cheese
  • Yoghurt
  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Ayran
  • Processed cheese

Energy and needs

  • Electricity production
  • Fertilizer production
  • Self-packaging system

Logic and distribution

  • Own logistics
  • Partner networks


Sitovo Sitovo

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