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Sitovo Sitovo

Useful information

Produced from 100% premium cow's milk from our own cow farm, balanced composition. Low in salt.

We put a lot of effort and the highest quality products so that we can provide the favorite traditional drink that every family loves.

Why is the ayran shaken before use?

The ayran is made by fermenting specially prepared milk and this fermentation transforms the milk proteins into yoghurt into a more easily digestible form, creating very small particles. Sitovo Dairy does not use any additives and thus ensures that these valuable particles remain in the liquid part of the kefir. That's why you should always shake your favorite drink before drinking it.

Why is it useful to drink ayran?

Ayran replenishes water and minerals that our body loses in various processes. It also has a rejuvenating effect on our body. The electrolytes in its ingredients maintain the fluid balance of our body and help us to be in good shape. With the content of calcium and potassium, it helps to grow bones and teeth, which is important for our health. The unique bacteria of the Bulgarian yoghurt in its content help to regulate the intestinal flora. It helps us live a balanced life.

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