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Sitovo Sitovo

Useful information

The fresh milk of Sitovo dairy is obtained from our own cow farm with over 3000 head of cattle. The production meets the highest European standards and the quality undergoes constant and uncompromising control. The entire production cycle and necessary raw materials are provided by Sitovo dairy. The milk we get from our cows is of the highest quality, and the method of production retains all the useful substances.

Real Bulgarian milk

Pasteurized cow's milk obtained from our own cow farm. Packed in aseptic packaging. Without preservatives. Shelf life 60 days. After opening, store at a temperature of 2 to 5 degrees. Consumption within 2-3 days.

Quality? Ready!

As we said, our milk comes from our own cow farm. In it our cows are taken care of to the maximum. Animal health and breeding is ensured by experienced breeders, modern equipment, best practices and techniques. The food for our cows is produced in the dairy "Sitovo", completely eco and provides all the necessary and useful substances, which is extremely important for us. The best and most experienced veterinarians monitor the health of each animal on a daily basis.

Before reaching the production stage, the milk is tested for many factors to meet the highest standards and quality of the raw material. Our closed production cycle guarantees everyone's favorite and useful taste.

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